A brand is nothing more than the minds and hands that shape it.


We’re the marketing team helping companies to develop strategically sound brands and intelligent campaigns, that connect with people.

At Clay Creative, our passion is taking the unremarkable and turning it into the unbelievable. Most of all, making something from nothing. We begin with a simple thought. A problem you face. A human truth. And in conclusion, we craft one-of-a-kind visual identities or creative campaigns that transform your brand into something both tangible and therefore valuable.

Our Johannesburg studio is driven by a love for transformation, beginning with you. Seeking the boldest solutions, we’re therefore adapting to new opportunities and challenges. And choose the clients who will too. Especially relevant is that we believe that design that transforms brands is important, but ideas that transform society are the most powerful of all.


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No two briefs are exactly alike. Therefore, when it comes to our service offering, the mass-production method simply doesn’t cut it. We take a fluid approach to design and look at your business’s specific needs, finally shaping a solution that best addresses them.

Whether your brand is just starting out or has a years of brand history, we’d love to help you. In addition to visual identity systems, we also offer a number of other creative/marketing services.

So feel free to get in touch with us to arrange a meeting.

“Over the past 3 months, I’ve had the pleasure of working collaboratively with the Clay team. They went above and beyond because they offered invaluable support in front end web design and also digital design. They show great attention to detail and with fast turnaround time. Most noteworthy is that the team was very helpful at every step, professional and packed with exceptional skills. Therefore, I would definitely recommend their services.”

Sarah Beaumont, Marketing Manager, Computicket, Shoprite Group